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  1. A&S Group's Customer Care Event "We Are Together"

    A&S Group has decided to hold a customer-caring event "We Are Together" by donating disposable medical masks and IR handheld thermometers to all our new and old customers in the coming weeks.
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  2. How to maintain NACHI Solenoid Valve maintenance

    For hydraulic systems or hydraulic equipment, hydraulic solenoids are the basic components that generate forces that pull the spool to control the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic solenoids, also known as solenoid valves for hydraulic valves.

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  3. Maintenance of DANFOSS high temperature steam solenoid valve

    When using DANFOSS high temperature steam solenoid valve products, you also need to pay attention to the installation of solenoid valves and working environment conditions: temperature, pressure and so on.

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  4. Factors Affecting The Temperature Rise Of DAIKIN Solenoid Valve

    In the application process, the temperature of the electromagnetic coil will gradually increase due to various reasons. If the cooling measures are not taken in time, the electromagnetic coil is likely to be burnt.

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  5. What are the advantages of REXROTH explosion-proof solenoid valves?

    Rexroth Explosion-proof solenoid valves are all enclosed in a casing that may ignite the explosive gas mixture. The casing may be subjected to any joint or layout clearance through the casing. The flammable mixture penetrating into the casing will explode inside without damage, and It can cause the ignition of an explosive environment formed by one or more gases or vapors on the outside.
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  6. FESTO pilot solenoid valve works

    FESTO pilot-operated solenoid valve, when energized, relies on electromagnetic force to lift the valve stem, and the pilot valve port opens. At this time, the upper chamber of the solenoid valve is relieved by the pilot hole, forming a pressure difference between the upper and the lower core, which is in the pressure difference. Under the action, the fluid pressure pushes the main spool upward to open the main valve port; when the power is off, under the action of the spring force and the gravity of the main spool, the valve stem is reset, the pressure of the upper chamber of the solenoid valve is raised, and the fluid pressure pushes the main valve. The core moves down and the main valve port closes.

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