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​How To Turn Off a Sprinkler Solenoid Valve?

How To Turn Off a Sprinkler Solenoid Valve?
Irrigation valve companies manufacture solenoid valves to operate automatically from a controller. The valve has two wires coming into it that operate a solenoid. The solenoid controls the diaphragm of the valve, causing it to open and shut at a preprogrammed time. Solenoids do fail, causing them to remain in the open position, when debris clogs the inner workings or if the solenoid, itself, fails.
1. Shut off the valve at the controller. Go to the controller and turn off the controller station following the instructions on the controller. If the controller does not work, check that all valve control wires are firmly connected by opening the wiring compartment with a Phillips screwdriver. These wires are located easily by following the wires into the controller.
2. Turn off the flow control in the clockwise direction. The flow control valve lies on the top of the valve. This might dislodge whatever is keeping the valve open. Use channel lock pliers with light pressure if the valve wheel displays some stiffness.
3. Turn the bleeder in the clockwise direction with an eyeglass screwdriver and then turn the bleeder in the opposite direction to the off position in attempt to reseat the valve. This screw would be the only protrusion on the bonnet.
4. Turn the irrigation shut-off valve or the main water shut-off valve to the off position as a last resort. This may allow the sprinkler valve to reseat.
Tips and warnings
1. Remove the top of the valve with a Phillips screw driver and clean debris out with running water.
2. Before removing the solenoid, make sure that the electrical connection between the controller and the valve is not broken in anyway. Remove electrical tape and wire nuts to check the connection.
3. Replace the solenoid if all attempts fail. Unscrew the solenoid and cut the wires with wire cutters if the cleaning did not work. Take the solenoid to your local hardware store to buy a new one.

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