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​How to Locate Solenoid Valves in the Irrigation System?
How to Locate Solenoid Valves in the Irrigation System? The solenoid valve controls the flow of water in home irrigation systems. Locating the solenoid valve in an irrigation system may be needed for maintenance or repair. Years of use or inclement weather can cause wear and tear on the sys
​How to Detect a Faulty Solenoid?
How to Detect a Faulty Solenoid? A solenoid is an electrical device that is used to open or close valves or switches when current is passed through a component. It consists of thin wire looped around a metallic core. When electrical current passes through the solenoid, a magnetic field is p
​A Good Way to Reduce the Temperature of Solenoid Valve for Continuous Driving
A Good Way to Reduce the Temperature of Solenoid Valve for Continuous Driving For most application driving the solenoid valve we just apply the proper voltage to the coil. But we find the coil becomes very hot for continuous driving for a while. Here is a solution to reduce the power consum
​Solenoid Valve Basics
Solenoid Valve Basics A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve, which is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid. What are the parts of a solenoid valve A normally-closed and direct-acting solenoid valve has the most simple and easy-to-understand pr
Main Features of Solenoid Valve
(1) Leakage blocking extinction, internal leakage is easy to control, safe to use. Internal and external leaks are elements endangering the security. Other automatic control valve will usually protrude stem, by the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to control the core rotating or moving. T
Applications of the Solenoid Valves
The solenoid valve are used extensively in large number of devises that are used in various industries like refrigeration, air conditioning, automobiles, hydraulics, pneumatics, and many more. Only a few of the applications of the solenoid valves have been described here: 1) In refrigeration: One o
Type of direct acting solenoid valve
Direct acting 2-way valves Two-way valves are shut-off valves with one inlet port and one outlet port. In the de-energized condition, the core spring, assisted by the fluid pressure, holds the valve seal on the valve seat to shut off the flow. When energized, the core and seal are pulled into the
How Solenoid Valve Works?
Initially the sensor senses the process towards the outlet side of the solenoid valve. When it senses that certain quantity of the flow of the fluid is required, it allows the current to pass through the solenoid valve. Due to this the valve gets energized and the magnetic field is generated whic
Parts of Solenoid Valve
Here are the various parts of the solenoid valve. (please refer the figure above). 1) Valve body: This is the body of the valve to which the solenoid valve is connected. The valve is usually connected in the process flow pipeline to control the flow of certain fluid like liquid or air. Ordinar
Water solenoid valve
Water solenoid valve is also called solenoid water valve, a solenoid valve for use with water, cold water or hot water. According to water temperature, we choose different seals kits Silicone for good seal. As body material, there is called plastic solenoid valve, brass solenoid valve, stainless ste
What is water solenoid valve?
A water solenoid valve is a fluid flow control device used to allow or restrict the flow of water through a pipe system. They are usually one-piece units consisting of a piston or tappet valve and a solenoid coil. The valve's stem is attached to the solenoid plunger so that, when the solenoid is act
How to choose the solenoid valve?
First of all, it is important to consider the solenoid coil voltage and current. Solenoid valves are available for DC and AC type of electricity and come in various voltages ranging from 6-220. Lower voltages are considered electrically safe, but sometimes, those with higher voltages are required fo
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