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Taiyo solenoid valve SR342/SR542 series

1.Suitable for driving cylinders with bores of up to 50mm
2.As standard devices for protection from power surge,the valves for AC are provides with varistors,and those for DC are provided with flywheel diodes.
3.The valves for AC power supply are applicable to 100 V AC to 120V AC or200V AC to 240 V AC.
4.The valves can be wired by various methods,e.g. Q socket, P socket,DIN socket and lead wire methods with indicating lamps for easy confirmation as standard devices.
5.Valves with one touch fitting for 4 and 6-mm dia.tubes are standardized.
6.Compact tandem type double solenoid valves are available(sub-plate,Mono-manifold type/24 DC).

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